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Wednesday 31st March - Midweek Meeting

You are welcome to join us tonight for our midweek worship service at 7:30pm on Zoom. Rev James Maciver will conclude his study on Christ's Prayer in John chapter 17, looking at verses 24-26.

The Zoom link is the same as previous weeks. This service will take place in the Seminary with a limit of 50 places. Please see this previous post for details about booking to attend in person. 

If you require the Zoom link please get in touch with Mairianne Campbell.



Reading: 1 Corinthians 15 v 35-58
Prayers (2)
Sermon: John 17 v 24-26
Title : With Christ in Glory
Psalm: Psalm 73 v 23-26 (Scottish Psalter, page 316)


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Return to In Person Church Services

Wednesday 31st March – Prayer Meeting Resumes in Seminary

Now that restrictions on attending places of worship have been eased, the Kirk Session has agreed to recommence meeting for prayer in the Seminary on Wednesday evenings, beginning on 31st March 2021 at 7.30pm. For the benefit of those who are not able to attend, the Zoom arrangement will continue as before with the same login details.

Sunday 4th April – Lord’s Day Worship Services Begin in Seminary for three weeks
The Kirk Session also agreed to recommence services of worship on the Lord’s Day. The first of these will be an English morning service in the Seminary on 4th April at 11.00am. This arrangement will continue for three weeks after which it will be reviewed in anticipation of a morning Gaelic service being held in the Seminary and an English service being held in the church on Kenneth Street.

New YouTube Channel for Seminary Services
The Lord’s Day services from the Seminary will be live-streamed on YouTube. We have set up a new YouTube channel specifically for services broadcast from the Seminary. Simply go to and search for ‘Free Church Seminary Stornoway’ or Click here.

Please note that there are now separate YouTube accounts for the church and the Seminary. They are named as follows:
For the Church on Kenneth Street - ‘Stornoway Free Church
For the Seminary on Francis Street – ‘Free Church Seminary Stornoway



As required with all public buildings during the current health crisis, all the necessary hygiene and social distancing requirements have been addressed to ensure everyone’s safety. Attending the services will be quite different to pre-lockdown arrangements and it’s important that those who plan to attend familiarise themselves with the following:

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Sunday 28 March

Sunday 28th March

11.00am Service on Facebook, YouTube, Sermons page

Mr Scott Macleod preaches on ‘Weights Worn and Weights Borne’ from 1 Samuel 17:9 in this worship service recorded at home.

6.30pm Service: Facebook, YouTube, Sermons page

Rev Kenneth I Macleod preaches on ‘You Cannot Serve Two Masters’ from Luke 16:13 in this worship service recorded at home.

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Congregational Meeting

The Kirk Session has called a congregational meeting to take place by Zoom on Monday 29th March, at 7.30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to examine and approve a Sustentation Schedule relating to the renewal of the post of Assistant Minister in the congregation. This is required whenever an Assistant retires or accepts a call to another congregation. The Schedule will accompany a petition to the General Assembly requesting the renewal of the post. It is important that there be sufficient attendance at the meeting to make approval of the Schedule realistic, so your cooperation in this will be much appreciated. If you already join the Wednesday evening Zoom meetings, Zoom login details will be emailed to you, otherwise please contact Mairianne for this.

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Sunday 21 March

11.00am Service: FacebookYouTubeSermons page

Rev Kenneth I Macleod preaches on ‘The Blessings of Fear and Hope in God’ from Psalm 33:18-19 in this worship service recorded at home.


6.30pm Service: Facebook Live

Rev James Maciver will continue his series on the Miracles of Jesus this Sunday evening, preaching on ”Talitha Cumi”, from Mark 5 in this worship service streamed live from home.

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The Kirk Sessions of Stornoway Free Church and Stornoway High Free Church are pleased to announce that an arrangement has been made, approved by the Kirk Session and Deacons’ Court of each congregation, whereby the Seminary building on Francis Street can be used by both congregations for services on the Lord’s Day. Details of the services will be announced in due course by each Kirk Session to their own congregation. All services will be fully compliant with Covid-19 regulations as long as these are required by the Scottish government. Both Kirk Sessions sincerely pray that this arrangement will contribute to further gospel blessing in Stornoway and beyond.

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Lakhnadon Christian Hospital, India

The Lakhnadon Christian Hospital in India has been virtually closed for two years as no doctor was available to work there. Many members of staff were transferred to other Emmanuel Hospital Association units. The Administrator, Mr Neeti Raj Nand, and his wife, nurse Shanti, continue to look after the property. Nurse Shanti provides palliative care in the community which spans an area up to 30 km from the hospital. Because of lack of income the hospital is in financial deficit though it has had some support from other EHA units, but they are also under severe pressure due to the Covid pandemic. There is also the real danger of encroachment on the property.

EHA now has identified a doctor couple, including a surgeon, to serve in LCH from June/July 2021. They will also have to assemble the necessary nursing and paramedical staff and the buildings need renovation. DVN Netherlands, of the Reformed Churches, who have helped PFC, the schools and the hospital in the recent past, are keen to support the work once the new team is in place.

It would be wonderful if friends in the Free Church of Scotland, many of whom supported the medical work in India throughout the twentieth century, could help out at this critical time. For anyone who wishes support the hospital, donations can be sent through the Donations page on the Free Church of Scotland website - Donate & Pay - Free Church of Scotland.   The donation description /reference entered should clearly show the donation is for “EHA Lakhnadon”.

Please contact Màiri MacPherson at [email protected] for further information. 

Click here to find out more about the Emmanuel Hospital Association

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Service Details - Sunday 14 March

Sunday 14th March
11.00am Service on Facebook Live

Rev James Maciver will continue his series on the Miracles of Jesus this Sunday morning, preaching on 'Jesus walks on the sea!', from Mark 6:45-56 in this worship service streamed live from home.

6.30pm ServiceFacebookYouTubeSermons page

Rev Kenneth I Macleod preaches on 'Trusting God in the Face of the Enemy' from 2 Kings 19:14-19 in this worship service recorded at home.

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The Deacons’ Court is delighted to announce the appointment of Roddy Martin as the new Church Officer for the congregation. Roddy is no stranger to any of us as he has a lifetime’s association with the congregation and has served it well as a member, a deacon and an elder for many years.

Though now retired, Roddy’s working life was spent in the Harris Tweed industry and his most recent role was as the Sales Manager of Harris Tweed Hebrides at the Shawbost Mill.

Roddy is married to Christine and they have three daughters and eight grandchildren.

We have no doubt but that Roddy will be well supported by the congregation and we wish him God’s richest blessing as he commences his duties on 1st April 2021.

We also take this opportunity of sincerely thanking Donnie Macleod, the retiring Church Officer, for his exemplary service over the past seven years and pray that he’ll have a long and healthy retirement. We intend to more formally mark Donnie’s service when the current Covid related restrictions are sufficiently eased.

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