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Notices - Sunday 24th September

Sunday School Registration: Please Note
As Sunday School has now started again, parents who have children attending Sunday school should contact Ian Murdo Macleod this week to let him know, so that he can arrange to put the registration process in place and have it completed as soon as possible.
Ian's contact details are:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07887722269
Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below, which will take you directly to the registration form to complete and submit it.

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Notice - Sunday 10th September

55+ Fellowship
The first meeting of the new “session” will be on Friday 29th September at 2.30pm to 4.00pm and NOT on Friday 15th September as previously advertised.  This is due a wedding service being held in the church on Friday 15th September.

On 29th September we hope to have our elder Davie Chisholm as our speaker and to have our elder Torquil Macleod leading the singing.

Please come along - you will all be made very welcome.


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Notices - Sunday 3rd September

Pastoral care of young people leaving home.
Over the next few weeks, several young people associated with our congregation will be leaving home to study or work on the mainland.  This will be a challenging time for them and we want them to be assured of our continued pastoral interest in them.

It would be appreciated if parents, or grandparents/guardians, would provide us with their names and addresses so that we can contact them.

We also wish any who are commencing work or courses of study locally every encouragement and God’s blessing as they follow their chosen career.

It would be appreciated if you could email the required information to the office at [email protected] by Friday 29th September.

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Notices - Sunday 27th August

Sunday School
As Sunday School will start again next week, it would be appreciated if parents who are intending to register their children in Sunday School could contact Ian Murdo Macleod by email, text or phone to let him know, so that he can arrange to put the registration process in place as soon as possible.

Ian’s contact details are as follows:

Email: muirneagtong@btinternet,com

Mobile: 07887 722269

Home: 01851 705669

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Notices - Sunday 20th August

2024 Keswick Convention Trip
The High Free Church congregation hopes to arrange a coach trip to the 2024 Keswick Convention for the week of 13th – 20th July.

Booking early is necessary for accommodation. There is an information sheet at the front door with contact details for all who are interested.

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Notices - Sunday 13th August

Lord’s Supper

God willing, the Lord’s Supper will be served in the congregation on Sunday 27th August. We expect to have Rev Euan Dodds, Kilmallie Free Church and Rev Donald A. Macdonald, retired, with us. Please pray that the Lord will bless this time of communion and add to the number of His professing people.


The Kirk Session will open after the prayer meeting on Wednesday 23rd, and will be delighted to meet with anyone wishing to join us for the first time at the Lord’s Table. More details of Kirk Session meetings will be available next week.

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Notices - Sunday 6th August

Holiday Club
The Epic Explorers holiday club had 80 children attending throughout the week. We explored the life of Jesus from the Gospel of Mark, learning that He is the Son of God who died for our sins.

Activities included crafts, games, songs, and even a tour of our church building.

The team would like to extend a massive thanks for your prayerful support and to all who contributed in any way.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the hall after the service this morning for some jungle songs and snacks.

Please remember Harris and Uist Free Churches this week as they host their holiday clubs.

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Notices - Sunday 30th July

Tuesday 1st August 11.00am – Prayer and Update with Muriel on Zoom.


Wednesday 2nd August 7.30pm – English Prayer Meeting in the Seminary and on Zoom, led by Rev Calum M. Smith.


Thursday 3rd August 7.30pm – Gaelic Prayer Meeting in the Seminary led by Rev James Maciver.

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Notices - Sunday 23rd July

Free Breakfast @ the Free Church
This year’s Free Breakfast @ The Free Church was another well attended and enjoyable event.  Our guests were fed delicious bacon or egg rolls or both! Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed freshly made waffles with fruit and maple syrup. Copious quantities of coffee and tea were consumed and there were muesli bars or cereal for those who preferred a lighter start to their day. 

With every breakfast served, food for the soul was also offered in the form of a copy of John’s gospel. Some were gratefully received, others were politely declined. Several of our guests joined with us for church after breakfast and commented positively on the service, included the Gaelic psalm singing, despite rarely attended church.

Some deeply searching conversations were had over breakfast as well as much lighter small talk.  As usual, the FREE element of the breakfast is always a conversation starter as it gives us the opportunity to explain why it is free.  The fact that it is free, is a fundamental aspect of our Sunday breakfast.  It was also lovely to share in fellowship and learn from Christians visiting from other parts of the country.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards our successful breakfast. Thanks to those who shopped, distributed flyers, set up the hall, prayed, contributed financially, cooked, served, chatted, walked the streets in the rain and especially those undertook extra duties at short notice.

May God richly bless all that is done in his name.

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Notices - Sunday 16th July

Friday 21st July 12.00pm-3.00pm – Fridays at the Free.
The M.A. Hall will be open for soups, teas and coffees to give people an opportunity to meet with friends, read, play board games and chat.

There will be a kids play area available as well as items from ‘Dove’s Corner’ Baby Bank free of charge. Anyone needing transport please call Calum on 07717 495424.

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