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Central Sunday School begins at 11am this week, Sunday 2nd December, because it's a communion service.  Young people should go straight to the hall at 11am for their classes and then the Sunday School will join the congregation towards the end of the service to see the Lord's Supper being dispensed.

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Friday 30th November
National Day of Prayer

8.00am in the Session Room, Kenneth Street
12.00 - 1.30pm in the Session Room, Kenneth Street
7.30pm in the Seminary, Francis Street

This Day of Prayer was arranged under the conviction that prayer is required for so many reasons. Both within and without the church we find much that ought to make us turn to God and seek His mercy and reviving power. Please commit yourself to this Day of Prayer and may we as a congregation see the benefits in days to come. The collection taken at all meetings throughout the day will be forwarded to the Christian Institute.

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Midweek Bible Study Notes - Session 11 - How Important Is Prayer And Pastoral Care

Wednesday 5th December
Wisdom from James

This Bible study is based on the Letter of James and is intended for group discussion after an initial talk by the minister. The questions set out in each session of the study are intended to stimulate discussion and need not be kept to rigidly but all the questions arise from what is written in this Letter.

Session 11
How Important is Prayer and Pastoral Care?
James 5: 16-20

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Notices - Sunday 25th November

Tuesday 27th November
-The Craft Group meets at 7:30pm in the Hall. All welcome.
-The Basic Christianity Discussion Group meets at 7.30pm in the Upstairs Hall. Anyone interested in finding out more, in an informal setting, about the Christian faith is very welcome. Please contact Cala on 07818 076163 if you have any questions.

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Service Details - Sunday 25th November

11am English Service (Church) Rev Kenneth I Macleod Psalms: Psalm 40: 1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p259 Psalm 116: 1-8 (Scottish Psalter) p395 Psalm 2: 6-end (Sing Psalms) p2 Psalm 130 (whole) (Sing Psalms) p173 Reading: Acts… Read more about 'Service Details - Sunday 25th November'...

Notices - Sunday 18th November

Sunday 18th November
All young people S1 upwards are warmly invited to Y.F., which meets tonight in the hall after the evening service. Come along and bring a friend. 

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Service Details - Sunday 18th November

11am English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Sermon Title: Abram Goes to War
11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Ceann Teagasg:  Mark 8: 31-33 Tiotal: Jesus Between Peter and Satan

6.30pm English Service (Church) 
Rev James Maciver 
Sermon Text: Philippians 3: 7-11 Sermon Title: Study 7 Encounters with Jesus: Saul of Tarsus- Gaining Through Loss

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Notices - Sunday 11th November

The Record
The November edition is now available.

Sunday 11th November
There will be a Congregational Fellowship after the evening service and Torquil Macleod (elder) will speak. All very welcome.

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Service Details - Sunday 11th November

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Robert Sinclair
Sermon Title: Bearing His Cross

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Rev James Maciver
Tiotal: Gealladh air Glanadh

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Sermon Title: Study 6 Encounters with Jesus: A Rich Young Ruler - Disappointed with Jesus!

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Notices - Sunday 4th November

District Visitation
Please pick up your copy (one per household) of the Visiting Teams booklet which is available at the door on Sunday, containing useful contact information for the visiting team in your district.

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