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Prayer Conf 2

Barvas Conference

Barvas Church of Scotland is pleased to announce a teaching conference on prayer from the Psalms.

Speaker: Dr Jamie Grant (HTC, Dingwall) Co-author of Psalms, Volume 2 (The NIV Application Commentary) and many more books.

Three exegetical and enthralling teachings on ‘prayer from the Psalms.’ The basis for the conference has been a long time understanding for the necessity to know the way we pray, to whom we pray and why we pray. 

You are invited! Visit for more information or to reserve your space or phone 01851 840218.


Friday 3rd February

7.00pm - Proclamation: Prayer and Praise

Saturday 4th February

10:30am - Supplication: Prayer and Complaint

12:30pm - Light lunch provided (please reserve your space)

2:30pm - Reflection: Prayer and Wisdom

4.00pm - Close

LOCATION - Barvas Church of Scotland
SPEAKER - Dr Jamie Grant
Refreshments provided