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Many months have passed since Campaigners last met due to lockdown restrictions and we have missed you all terribly!

Since we missed all our usual Term 4 fun activities (especially the camp for Crosstrax) we thought we would put together a wee Summer Holiday Survival Bag, for all three groups, to compensate a little for the Monday nights we’ve missed.

Parents/guardians of Campaigners are invited to come and collect a gift bag for each child. Our church hall (Rev MA Macleod Memorial Hall, Kenneth Street) will be open on WEDNESDAY 29th JULY between 10am-12noon for you to pop in and pick up the gift bag.

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CAMPAIGNERS: Please note that C Club (for age 4-P2) is cancelled tonight, Monday 7th January but will resume next week God willing.

Crosstrax meets tonight as usual, 7.00-8.30pm for P6-S1

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C Club will not start back tomorrow (Monday 8th January) due to some of the leaders being ill.  This group normally runs from 6-7pm on a Monday for age 4 to P2.  We hope to start back next week, Monday 15th January.

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